Is Everyone Depressed?

Over one third of us are reporting symptoms of anxiety , among a range of other mental health challenges.

Many people now meet the criteria for clinical , as a result of the current challenges in our lives, initially kicked off when we began to quarantine as a result of 19.

Mental health professionals, like myself, are now working hard to determine who needs urgent intervention, who is simply the new normal.

What is the new normal?

Given that the lines are blurring more every day around how we diagnose and understand depression and anxiety in the midst of a pandemic and other social, economic and emotional wounds and challenges, it’s important to validate our experiences and ensure that those who need treatment are provided with the clinical help they may need.

This video explores the overlap between what people are reporting and the criteria to diagnose Major Depressive Disorder and provides some information around seeking help, and increasing research based strategies which can help with some depressive symptoms.

Immune Gut & Brain

However, it is incredibly important and potentially life saving to have any concerns around depression or any other mental health issue, diagnosed by a licensed psychological or medical professional.


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