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Depression is different from feeling down or having a bad day. It’s when you ’t get out of bed, having trouble eating, ’t sleep or sleeping all day and are isolating from friends or family.

These are a few of the symptoms that people who are struggling with clinical depression experience. However, depression doesn’t look the same on everyone.

You may be depressed and not realize it. Maybe you’re feeling fatigued much of the time. Perhaps you find yourself irritable or snapping at your loved ones. These things could indicate that you’re depressed and it’s crucial to find out if this is the case so you can get the right treatment. Here are some symptoms of depression to look out for so you can get help.

* You have a frequent depressed mood the majority of the day, and mainly waking up sad You feel exhausted or fatigued during the day, or you have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning

* Feelings of worthlessness or lack of self-esteem

* You struggle to focus at school or work

* You’re isolating from people you love

* You’re less interested in activities you once enjoyed

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you may want to take a to find out whether or not you’re suffering from depression. Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between depression and other mental health conditions, which is why taking a quiz can shed light on your psychological state. Don’t be afraid of the results! If you find out you’re experiencing symptoms of depression you can get help.

Depression is highly treatable when you work with a therapist or counselor. Mental health professionals can recognize depression and know how to help you work through your symptoms so you can start feeling better.

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