Beyond Today Interview: Anxiety, Depression and Despair Have Consequences – Part 1

Ms. Chapman is a Registered Nurse and Regional Clinical Educator for Heart to Heart Hospice. She is also owner and consultant for SelectMed Seminars, specializing in educational and consulting services for general community and healthcare staff.

This two-part interview, conducted by Today TV producer, Peter Eddington, includes some very interesting discussion on following questions:

* How do we help children and teach them to cope with anxiety? What are consequences for children who have anxiety?

* How do we maintain a proper perspective on the future, and on things we cannot know?

* Is there a link between anxiety and depression? Can anxiety or despair lead to clinical depression?

* Are there differences in men and women when it comes to anxiety, depression and despair?

* How can we best help our spouse and our friends who are suffering from anxiety?

* How do I recognize anxiety in myself? Maybe I have it but don’t know it, but others see it in me?

End Child Anxiety

* What are some of the good outcomes and positive impacts of stress in our lives?

* How has COVID-19 impacted our stress?

* Are there solid ways we can control the negative influences in our lives?

* What are some of the physical and emotional impacts on our health because of too much stress?

* How can I escape burnout?

* Joy can be an antidote to stress. How does that work? And are there other antidotes to anxiety, despair and depression?
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End Child Anxiety

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