Can depression be cured?

250 million people globally, and one in five UK adults, suffer with clinical and anxiety. The pandemic has both raised awareness of the condition, and worsened it. For such a widespread problem, little is known about how clinical works, or the ways it be treated. A blended approach of art and science, often led by people who have personal and direct experience of depression, is making progress. For those who have it, is managing depression the best we hope for, or could there be a cure? Join us for a ThinkIn in which we explore the latest scientific research, and what it means for mental health care.

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Liz Moseley
Members’ Editor

Invited guests:
Oliver Kamm
Leader writer and columnist for The Times. His book, Mending the Mind, is “a deeply researched and highly original investigation into depression which argues the case for embracing both art and science in our understanding and treatment of the condition”

Sarah Hughes
Chief Executive, Centre for Mental Health

Monday 1st February 2021

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