Clinical Depression Linked to Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, doctors say you are at greater risk of developing depression. Statistic listed on show 85% who suffer from chronic back pain also suffer from symptoms of depression.

Some of those symptoms include things like sleep disturbance, appetite disturbance, loss of interest withdraw from people fear of dying. Doctor Andrew Block with Texas back institute, sat down and talks about link between depression and chronic back pain, and says spotting a sings are harder than you think. In fact there is a lot of indications that chronic pain and depression have primarily same symptoms and they feed of each other.

Doctor Michael Van Korff the associate director of the Centre for health studies in Seattle’s Group Help Cooperative has studied relationship between pain and the depression. There is evidence from people with both pain and depression that if pain resolves, they depression gets better.

If their pain is chronic their depressions is more likely to stay elevated. Doctor Korff says that several aspects study is still being studied.

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