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Donna is a management consultant with clinical depression, whose symptoms first appeared as result of a physical injury. In this video, Donna discusses how she believes she is a constant work in progress. By telling this to herself others, she has been able to take a traumatic experience translate it into a new career. She is a role model for others to speak up for what need, and can learn and grow from it.

Hi, I’m Donna.

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I believe that I am a constant work in progress. And when I say that to myself, and when I say that to the world, it relieves me of a burden of having to be perfect, having to be recovered, having to be healthy, and well, and doing great. Instead, you know what, this is fluid. And what I’ve learned over the past several years is that this is a process. I am always in process.

Photos of her in different situations.

I’ve been able to take the very difficult, traumatic experience that I had about losing a job and a career, and I’ve actually translated that into a new career and into a whole new trajectory. Because I gained the access to this idea that I am always a work in progress, and that’s OK. I don’t have to be perfect.

I can grow, I can learn, I can share with other people the growth and the learning that I’ve had. I can share the hope. And what I can do is also be aware of what I need inside of this. And I can speak up for what I need, so I can model for others. We can speak up for what we need. So that as the process is occurring, we also are learning and growing through it.

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