Education: Dr Alex J Mitchell explains “What is Clinical Depression” in 40mins

Dr Alex J kindly agreed to talk with about clinical depression. He clearly the features risks for clinical depression. He talks about how to spot clinical depression gives tips for patients and clinicians alike. He also discusses access to care, getting help, and treatment options. This presentation is aimed at clinicians, researchers and patients interested in depression.

For clinicians, Dr has kindly provided 33 embedded links cited during this video. Although Youtube disallows direct links to external sites, links can be quick searched from pubmed using the UID number (eg in a new tab/window). Links are also provided below. Annotations can be easily turned off for a clean view, click “hide annotations”.

Dr Alex J Mitchell is consultant in liaison psychiatry and psycho-oncology at University of Leicester. He is a psychiatrist with considerable expertise in mental health.

His biography is at
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Recorded: March 2013
Key words: Depression, DSM5, major depression, bipolar disorder, antidepressants
Interviewer: Heather Sansone
Music: Emma O’Brien
Permissions: Email [email protected]
Fair Use Policy: This video can be use for teaching and education without further permission

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Links From the Annotations in this Video: [in press] [book] [Book]

A briefer 15min version of this video is here:

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