Estranger meme (AIB 5 spoiler warnin’!)

I watched ep 5 when it first came out it was really good! I can’t wait for season 1b! Also, I feel really bad for her. That scene was not just sad, but also serious.

According to a website I found while googling random stuff other day, they said that depression is not from hunger, but “people who have severe clinical depression will also experience hallucinations delusional thinking, symptoms of psychosis.”

I thought I would make this since I saw that scene while watching that episode and because there are a lot of people with psychosis depression out there.

Original : Unknown

Background by: CatiReel

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Slowed audio by: S

Original audio by: Jack Stauber (go check him out, his music is really good :3)

P.S Watch the entire AIB series. It’s really good! :3 (I’ll add ep 5 to the cards if y’all don’t know what I’m referring to)

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