How I Fight Clinical Depression | Mental Health Motivation

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING: I hope this video motivates or inspires you to find something, whether it be training or not, that helps you cope with your mental illness become stronger.
For those of you who don’t know my story in more detail, here’s my video on my story & mind you it was VERY hard for me to open up about this subject be so vulnerable on a platform that is so full of judgement about everything I do. But I chose to be open about mental health because not enough people are, every people suffer in silence because they are too ashamed, scared, or nervous to reach out for help. Please reach out for professional help if you are suffering with mental illness and build a support system around you.
Here is my video on how I live and cope with depression in more detail:
*Always seek professional/medical attention before taking my personal advice*

PLEASE REMEMBER: Always be kind because you do not know what someone is going through or has been through. ESPECIALLY here on internet. I deal with internet trolls everyday saying hurtful things and I don’t understand why people take energy to spread hate or hurtful language, when they could be spreading love. So I just want you to remember that people behind each account are HUMAN. Spread love, not hate. Be kind to each other. Think before you type. Ask your friends and family if they are doing okay. Be there for others. Create a life where people know you for all of the good things and love you have to offer.
That’s all! Hope you enjoyed this video I made with @aesthetic_al
and that it can spread a little light on mental health!

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