How to know If You are experiencing Clinical Depression VS Sadness #depression #mentalhealth

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to know if someone or even you may be dealing with depression.
Depression VS Sadness – What is the difference? ?
What are the signs to look for?
There’s a difference between feeling depressed and having Clinical Depression.
There are 8 signs of Clinical Depression
1. Hopeless Outlook
2. Loss of Interest
3. Chronic Fatigue – Lack Of Motivation, and Sleep Disturbance
5. Irritability – Specifically for signs of depression in men
6. Changes in Appetite
7. Uncontrollable Emotions
8. Being Pre-occupied with Death

Clinical depression can be debilitating and dangerous. Oftentimes people who experienced Clinical Depression experience suicidal thoughts. Here are some resources for those who are struggling or if you know someone who is struggling with depression.

Line: 800-273-8255
SAMSHA Hot Line: 800-662-HELP
NAMI Warm Line: 800-950-NAMI

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