How to Travel on Vacation with Depression – with The Sims

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There’s plenty of information advice online about how to deal with post- depression. But what if you have clinical depression you’re worried about it ruining actual vacation? You can’t put your life on hold while you’re dealing with depression, you may have family or friends who want to get away.

Don’t just give up on the idea of a vacation away from home. If you do some planning and soul-searching ahead of time, it’s much more likely that you’ll have a good time, even with depression.

List of Sims 4 mods used in this video (please note that entries without a link were probably from the Gallery):

Cute Unicorn Girl by pokkitsu – with Dynasty Pastel Rainbow Hair Anto’s Retexture by SweetCranberry

Notre Dame de Paris by audrcami

Homestuck shirt by agitatedLizard

Little Venice by PipPimPom

Bella Venezia by SatiSim

Van Gogh by knjhn

Starbucks Coffee Shop Lot (Furnished) by dreamteamsims

French Lavender by Simproved

Lavender Farm Cafe by marshha

Beach resort by lvkakaiva

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