I’M DEPRESSED…WHAT DO I DO?// In this video, I talk about depression. As a disclaimer, I am not a certified therapist, but this is a topic that many of you have requested, so I’ll share my experience. Depression is nothing to mess around with. It can be situational, and it can be clinical. If you are someone who is getting hit really hard with depression, I strongly recommend that you talk to a doctor and see what the best avenue is for you.
0:00 – Introduction
0:36 – Situational versus clinical depression
1:31 – If you’re experiencing situational depression, don’t stay there
2:08 – Move and use your senses, get a change of scenery
3:04 – Find uplifting things
3:36 – Overview
You are not alone on this journey. Even when you feel most lost, there’s always a way to find hope again.

, my friends.
As always, Sally Harris- Moms of Defiant Adult Kids Expert

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