i’m on antidepressants (trigger warning)

I finally decided to visit my doctor to inquire about antidepressants, and I’ve gotta say…it was best decision I’ve ever made. Today, let’s talk about mental health. Specifically—generalized anxiety disorder and clinical . #destigmatizementalhealth

*Keep in mind that actual disorder is called generalized anxiety disorder, however I kept saying “general” in this video because it’s a lot easier for me to say LOL

00:00 – i’m on antidepressants
01:10 – the misconceptions i had about medications for mental illness
02:19 – what i THOUGHT was
03:46 – what MY depression was like
08:06 – why some people need antidepressants and others don’t
09:33 – conversations about mental health are important
11:31 – why hbo’s euphoria was relatable
13:24 – what generalized anxiety disorder feels like
20:03 – how antidepressants have helped my anxiety
24:34 –
27:30 – why i started buying really expensive things
32:32 – i feel like a human again!
34:35 – answering your questions from instagram



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I’m Asia Jackson and I’m an actress and content creator based in Los Angeles.

I went through most of my life with an undiagnosed anxiety disorder and clinical depression. It was difficult for me to participate in life, find joy, and be happy. I felt like I was just floating through life with no direction. After seeking help, I’m now on a journey to learn how to live an intentional, beautiful, and joyful life and I want to encourage other young women to do the same. We deserve to live beautiful lives. Let’s create them together!

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// FAQ’s

“what’s your race/ethnicity?”
i’m black and filipino (igorotak!)

“are you australian or american?”
this question always gets me LOL but i’m american

“why do you have different accents?”
i’m an actor so i often like to play around with and practice different accents and pronunciations randomly in my everyday speech. don’t take my pronunciations or accents too seriously!

“do you speak tagalog?”
taglish lang…sobrang sorry talaga hehe

“where are you from?”
i’m a military brat so I don’t have a real hometown. but i went to high school in long beach, ca so that is my honorary hometown lol EAST SIDE

“was that you I saw on …”
i’m an actor, so it’s very possible you’ve seen me on tv! if you thought you saw me on modern family, the young & restless, speechless, superstore, alone together, or the lifetime movie ‘stalked by a reality star’: yes, that was me lol


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