National Healthcare Webinar: Depression

In this webinar we will be covering led by Dr Chuda Karki Serena Jones

is not a sign of weakness but a common problem that affects us at some point in our lives often due to life stresses. Mild depression is a temporary sadness brought up by life’s circumstances while clinical depression is sadness so deep that it can lead to suicide if left untreated.

This webinar explores the different types of depression, causes, presentation of depression at different stages of life, impact of depression, treatment evidence-based therapies as well as helpful tips for partners, families carers.

0:00 Prayers and Disclaimer
0:03 Introduction to webinar
2:55 Depression from a psychiatrist’s perspective: webinar by Dr Chuda Karki
34:14 Depression from a psychologist’s perspective: webinar by Serena Jones
51:45 Questions and Answers

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