Off The Dome, Episode 5 – My Brief Notes on Clinical Depression

Apart from tragedy of my hair growing out weird, I’ve been under weather via my . To produce as an up and coming artist is pretty hard to navigate when you’re chronically battling clinical . It may sound fatalistic and defeatist; but facts are facts and I am fully aware of my pitfalls.

Seek help where and how you can, and DO NOT call the cops on people who are having a mental health crisis of any kind.

VOTE BLUE, fight fascism, wear your masks, wash your hands, limit your outings, take care of one another.

Unlock your A-Game!
Therapy For Black Girls
BIPOC Mental Health Resources

Recorded on iPhone 7 Plus
Edited in Final Cut Pro
Music: Azure by Duke Ellington, covered by ME

Unlock your A-Game!

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