Seniors and Depression with Abby Altman, Ph.D.

People talk about being depressed, but there’s a wide gulf between feeling blue and clinical #depression. In this video, Abby Altman explains how to tell difference, and how seniors could benefit from being treated for depression.

Time Stamps

0:00 Seniors, like other people, suffer from depression
0:13 Introducing geropsychologist Abby Altman
1:00 The difference between depression and clinical depression
2:25 Grief and depression
3:51 Other issues seniors face that could cause depression
5:35 What are the major symptoms of depression?
6:28 Suicide and seniors
7:03 What is the usual course of treatment for depression?
8:08 Talk therapy professionals can help treat depression
8:32 With treatment, most people with depression recover
9:18 How can people diagnose their own depression?

Dr. Abby Altman is a geropsychologist, a who specializes in . Abby Altman, who practices at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Mass., has treated many seniors for clinical #depression. She explains the major symptoms of #depression, the unique issues seniors face that could cause #depression, and typical courses of treatment, including talk therapy and medication. She even explains how people can self-diagnose their own #depression.

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