The Hopelessness Theory of Depression

Do wonder what causes ? Perhaps, yourself are diagnosed with clinical depression or you know someone who has depression, but you aren’t sure why they suffer from depression? Depression is an extremely complex mental health problem ranging from combination of genetic to environmental causes. Even professionals are not 100% certain of what causes depression and furthermore, depression varies by individual cases and history. It this video, we do our best to cover three possible causes of depression: NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTIONAL STYLES and causes, & having a NEGATIVE SELF IMAGE. Hopefully, you find this video helpful in shedding some light on the topic of depression. If you would like a video on other possible signs or causes of depression, be sure to turn on the notification bell. We will make a follow up video.

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Also, please welcome a new member to our team, Amine Bouzaher. He is currently a UBC student and helping us with script writing, research and voice over. If you yourself are interested in being a part of the team, do reach out 🙂

Animated by:
Ben Carswell
Check out his animation work here:
Ben’s goal is to one day work as a director for animation.

Script Writer: Amine Bouzaher
Script Editor: Amine Bouzaher
VO: Amine Bouzaher
Animator: Ben Carswell
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong
For Business Inquiries – [email protected]

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