The Surprising Truth About Mental Health Diagnosis I The Dr. Zwig Show

A “mental illness” isn’t a disease like a medical illness; it’s simply a description of symptoms. A diagnosis of”Clinical Depression”or”Anxiety Disorder” is analogous to a diagnosis of “chest pain” or”headache.” Chest pain headache are symptoms, not diseases. To identify a disease you need knowledge of underlying mechanisms, however, these are absent in psychological / psychiatric diagnosis.

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Dr. Adam Zwig is a world renowned psychologist-musician, educator, author. Billboard calls him a “Renaissance man.” In this show, he merges psychology, communication theory, physics, neuroscience, rock n roll to show how bad states of mind and difficult life issues aren’t pathological but rather signs of personal growth trying to happen. The episodes give you cutting edge information and practical tools for transforming your problems. New episodes every Tuesday.

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