Who is at Risk of Depression? | Depression Risk Factors | MFine

Who is at Risk of Depression? | Depression Risk Factors | MFine

Who is at risk of depression? In other words, what are ? When it comes to mental health conditions, there are various factors that play a huge role. Are there any risk factors at all that is involved in clinical depression? And if there are any relevant depression risk factors, then how can people take charge of their mental health if they fall in that category? Our daily moods and thought processes are definitely impacted by several things like our personal and professional lives, our family, and friends, but what’s role of one’s family and friends, or rather lack of it in depression?

In this video, popular psychiatrist Dr. N Chandrashekar breaks down the risk factors involved with depression, that is, who is at risk of depression and why, and also sheds some light on a recent trend he has been observing during his clinical practice. Understanding the will not help you identify signs and triggers of depression in your life, but you can also help someone else going through depression. Awareness is key and can save lives. Don’t forget to like and share this video with your loved ones and be a bit more open about mental health today, and every day! Let’s break the stigma.

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