Winning VA Disability for Depression | Everything You Need to Know

VA doesn’t make things easy when trying to receive VA disability for mental health. Join us as we discuss depression today!

0:00 Introduction
1:48 What are some symptoms of clinical depression? What is clinical depression?
6:24 Sleep disorders associated with depression such as insomnia, hypersomnia, etc.
7:54 Appetite changes because of depression
8:32 What to expect when filing a VA claim for depression
9:12 VA C&P Exam for Depression
10:44 How to prove your depression is related to your military service?
13:41 What are my options to get treatment for depression during COVID-19?
15:14 What if my depression has gotten worse during COVID-19? Can I file for an increased rating for depression during COVID-19?
16:20 Can depression be claimed as a secondary disability?
Orthopedic disabilities depression example
17:23 Can you file a VA claim for different mental health conditions at same time? Can you get two ratings for mental health conditions?
19:14 Detailed breakdown of each Disability Rating for Depression with the VA
19:47 0% Rating for Depression
20:25 10% Rating for Depression
23:14 50% Rating for Depression
31:10 70% Rating for Depression
31:47 What is suicidal ideation?
34:50 Spatial disorientation depression along with other symptoms
38:28 Difficulty adapting to stressful circumstances
39:26 100% Rating for Depression
44:56 Discussion on suicidal ideation and VA benefits
47:24 Can you get VA Unemployability benefits for Depression?

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While many veterans experience physical injuries and ailments following active duty, mental health is a concern as well. Depression is one of the most common mental health issues that former service members face along with PTSD. Much like post-traumatic stress disorder, this illness is often invisible and can be tricky to characterize. However, depression can have life-long effects on a veteran’s well being and daily life.

Fortunately, veterans suffering from depression may be eligible for service-connected disability benefits. This guide will break down the VA rating for depression.

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